It is 1899. The Caroline Islands were sold to Germany by Spain a few months ago.
Is it possible to steal a dance?
German Zoologist Doctor Herter and his assistant, the painter Mehring, travel to the island of Yap in the Caroline Islands to conduct scientific studies. But soon they get involved in an unusual criminal case and feel threatened by thieves, spies, smugglers and pirates...

Have fun with German and experience original German literature with an English translation on opposite pages to make sure you have no problems understanding the story. The English translation follows the German original very closely to give you a full understanding. This makes the English sound peculiar at times, but it serves its purpose of helping you get your mind round the language used in genuine German literature unlike simplified texts that are written with foreign language learners in mind.

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Learn German with short stories. Eight gripping science fiction short stories in German with an English translation on the opposite page. Improve your German while reading about an alien attack, time travel, a deadly asteroid and other surprising scenarios.

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Learn German with short stories. 17 short stories in German with an English translation on the opposite page. Be enthralled by stories of love and hate, seduction and betrayal, revenge and death, and even gothic love-horror in a haunted castle by the famous Austrian writer Leopold Sacher-Masoch.

Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch (1836 - 1895) was an Austrian writer. Sacher-Masoch's family lived in Lemberg and had ancestors from Slovenia, Spain and Bohemia. His father Leopold Johann Nepomuk Ritter von Sacher was police director of more:

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The Historia Apollonii regis Tyri ("History of Apollonius, King of Tyros") is an ancient novel based on Greek or Latin sources. Its author is unknown, dating it to the 3rd century AD.

The story begins in Antioch, where King Antiochus enters into an incestuous relationship with his daughter. In order to keep her for himself, he sets her suitors a riddle which they must solve. If they do not succeed, they are executed. Only Apollonius, the king of Tyre, succeeds in solving the riddle. Enraged, Antiochus sends Apollonius away and sends a henchman after him to kill him. Now begins Apollonius' odyssey. He loses all his possessions in a sea storm and then arrives at the court of another king, where his daughter falls in love with him…

However, Apollonius, the king of Tyre, definitely belongs to the realm of legend. For the kingdom of Tyre had already been conquered and largely destroyed by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. After that, it never regained its original importance. The list of the kings of Tyros ends in 332 BC - there has never been a king with the name Apollonius before or since.
German East Africa in the summer of 1916. Cavalryman Arfas and his faithful try everything to slow the advance of British troops into the German colony. Whether from Bavaria, Pomerania, the Rhineland or East Prussia, they and the brave and loyal Askaris from Africa stand together for one man when it comes to confronting the enemy, laying mines or emptying the last bottle of wine in the boma - the district office. But there is Iasomirgott Pimpelroth, the stage maggot. A maggot with a long beard and crooked legs, a nobody; but this nobody has to travel through the land of the Wagogo to requisition provisions for the troops...