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This easy reader is based on the German Easy Reader Super 500. Its aim is to give the reader further practice at the level reached at the end of that reader. The complexity of the language and most of the vocabulary have been carefully chosen to enable an easy understanding of the text after completing Super 500. New vocabulary is strictly limited and repeatedly used throughout the reader to help you achieve maximum fluency with a minimum of effort. There are FREE recordings of the German stories for you to listen to online or to download.

1. In die Stadt.mp3

1. In die Stadt.mp3 1. In die Stadt.mp3
Size : 9557.689 Kb
Type : mp3
1. In die Stadt

2.Zum Stachus.mp3

2.Zum Stachus.mp3 2.Zum Stachus.mp3
Size : 7824.628 Kb
Type : mp3
2. Zum Stachus

3. Ein schlauer Hund.mp3

3. Ein schlauer Hund.mp3 3. Ein schlauer Hund.mp3
Size : 12264.22 Kb
Type : mp3
3. Ein schlauer Hund


4.Fritz.mp3 4.Fritz.mp3
Size : 14854.016 Kb
Type : mp3
4. Fritz fährt nach München


5.Ken.mp3 5.Ken.mp3
Size : 8187.077 Kb
Type : mp3
5. Ken der Tourist


6.Chiemsee.mp3 6.Chiemsee.mp3
Size : 8541.771 Kb
Type : mp3
6. Zum Chiemsee

7.Frau Graf.mp3

7.Frau Graf.mp3 7.Frau Graf.mp3
Size : 9235.648 Kb
Type : mp3
7. Frau Graf


8.Isar.mp3 8.Isar.mp3
Size : 9560.547 Kb
Type : mp3
8. An der Isar


9.Polizist.mp3 9.Polizist.mp3
Size : 4312.791 Kb
Type : mp3
9. Der Polizist und der Dieb