Arthur Lee Knight (1852 - 7 Jul 1944) was a popular author of adventure books in the late 19th and early 20th century. Having been a midshipman in the Royal Navy himself he was familiar with the setting and the language in the navy. This made his naval adventure stories authentic and readable.

On  13 Dec 1878 he married Dora Ann Stewart (1856 - 1912). They did not have any children.

They lived in Somerset, England.

Ronald Hallifax; or, He would be a sailor, etc. 1887 UK   USA

In the Web of Destiny; or, the strange adventures of Lieut. Fairlie, R.N. 1887 UK   USA

The Mids of the “Rattlesnake”: or, Thrilling adventures with Illanun pirates, and Ned Burton's adventures in the Fiji Islands 1889  UK   USA

Dicky Beaumont: his Perils and Adventures 1890  UK   USA

 Basil Woollcombe, Midshipman. 1891

The Rajah of Monkey Island  1892  UK   USA

The Cruise of the “Cormorant” or Treasure-Seekers of the Orient  1893  UK   USA

The Brother Middies; and Slavers, Ahoy!  1894  UK   USA

The gunroom heroes : or adventures with Arabs afloat and ashore  1894  UK   USA

In Jungle and Kraal  1894  UK   USA

Leaves from a Middy's Log  1895  UK   USA

A Mid of the Naval Brigade  1895  UK   USA

Under the White Ensign; or, for Queen and Empire  1897

Drifted to Sea  1902  UK   USA

Aubrey Vernon. A midshipman's adventures 1907  UK   USA

Told in the Indian twilight. Mahratta fairy tales.  1913