People often ask me about the title and the cover picture of this book. No, there's nothing political in it. The stories are about the world ending in different ways, either being completely destroyed or the world ending as we know it. From countless Hollywood films we 'know' that alien attacks, asteroid impacts and other nightmarish scenarios always happen in America, the rest of the world is a mere afterthought, hence the not too serious title of the book.

Some of the stories begin in what seems a familiar way, such as an alien attack, but none of them end in a way seen before. So be prepared to be entertained and surprised!

Happy reading.

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"Super cool entertainment, fantastic fantasy and brilliant endings!"  The Titan Herald

Eight gripping apocalyptic short stories about the end of the world. As we all know from Hollywood films the end usually begins in America - the rest of the world is an afterthought. Aliens, doomsday bugs, ancient Greek Gods and even time travel are among the surprising ways that destroy planet Earth. The surprising twists and humour make each of the stories unique and fascinating to read.

The stories are:  Aliens, Going Home, Asteroid, Water, Oil, The Survivor, Zeus, The Time Machine                          

Add to Cart US$ 8.90

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The Mars Times "Superbly written. One of the best books of 2014."

There we are - the world according to Hollywood. It's all America and yes, it's on fire after villainous aliens came half way across the universe with the sole intention of attacking North America...

It's not all about aliens, though. Expect to be drowned in the greatest deluge of them all.

Join Chuck as he prepares to survive any disaster imaginable...

By all the Gods! Zeus was drugged for some time. What's He going to do when He comes round again?

And never ever use a time machine! It's not good for your health and you won't be able to sue the manufacturer for not including a health warning.

The End of America & the rest of the world