Dare Quest

Dare Quest is an exciting adventure and fantasy series for young readers aged 7 and up. Each story is designed to appeal to the imagination and sense of curiosity in young readers to make reading a fun filled experience.

There are many pictures in each volume and a glossary helps improve the reader's vocabulary. 

Dare Quest -

Better than computer games! 

Sherlock Holmes

There is an evil man prowling the streets of London in 1892. He lures poor children with food and the promise of a better life. Where does he take the children? 

A terrible murder is committed. What is the dark secret behind it?
It's a case for Sherlock Holmes.

Then Edward and Anthony are called in on the case. Who made the dare? And what is the connection between the murder and the missing children? 

Free the Slaves

When Princess Geetu dares Anthony and Edward to free a thousand slaves, the three children are hurled through space and time to appear in midst of a medieval battle. It is truly a dark age where a human life means nothing and when the evil Lord Rochefort captures the children all seems lost. Will they outwit and defeat their enemy?

The End of the World

Anthony and Edward are enjoying a trip to London with their parents. The many exciting things to see and do in the city keep the boys happy until one day THEY come. It is the End of the World. While humanity faces extinction, the boys are in a race against time. In their most dangerous quest ever they must find a way to defeat the most terrifying evil in the universe.

The Tiger

Anthony and Edward face a terrifying evil when a dare to ride a tiger hurls them into 19th century India. What ghastly peril must they face and what allies will they find?

Queen Cleopatra

When Princess Geetu dares Anthony and Edward to go on a boat journey with none other than Queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar the three children are flung through space and time. They emerge near ancient Rome. Yet can they overcome the perils that face them and, most of all, can they overcome Death itself?

 The Chinese Pirate

A new and terrible danger awaits our heroes Edward and Anthony in this adventure. A Chinese girl has been kidnapped by a dragon. Can they overcome this peril before they have to fight pirates in the South China Sea?

The Red Planet 

When Anthony dares Edward to capture a Martian the two brothers vanish from their home and find themselves on a spaceship that is hurtling towards Mars. Will they manage to escape from the spacecraft before it burns up in the Martian atmosphere? What perils await them on the mysterious Red Planet?